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Power Saw Reviews - Reciprocating Saw, Band Saw and MoreIf you’re new to the world of power tools, you might find it a bit confusing to deal with the various types of power saws that are available to you.  Power Saw Reviews provides you with information to help you determine which saw is best for your situation.

The Reciprocating Saw

We could write a book on the number of reciprocating saw uses. A number of pieces of equipment are highly Reciprocating Saw Reviewsspecialized, but the reciprocating saw isn’t one of them. An example of its several desirable features is its extraordinary flexibility. There are a variety of different saw blades which could be installed onto a reciprocating saw determined by what you will want to do. You are able to install them to cut wood as well as other materials, such as steel or plastic, for instance, and additionally you could choose blades for a wide variety of thicknesses.  A basic look at various reciprocating saw reviews will help guide you to the best saw for your situation.

The Band Saw

This power saw is easy to identify by its very small, thin blade, and the fact that this blade generally hangs over a working surface by several inches. This thin blade is an essential part of the band saw, and indeed is what defines the saw’s functions and abilities. However, this is no small power saw.Band Saw Reviews

This power saw is used for cutting curves into pieces of wood using that thin blade and a solid working surface. They’re frequently used for craft work, but can also be used to turn thick pieces of wood into decorative trim pieces for furniture, home decor, and even moldings and decorative work.

For those looking to use or purchase a power saw for craft or decorative cutting, it’s important to remember that the best band-saws are large in size, unlike a small power saw. A larger table means the saw can cut through larger pieces of wood at wide angles; those looking for versatility should check out a small power saw by the name of “jigsaw.”

The Circular Saw

Rather than being used for decorative work, this portable power saw is used for very utilitarian purposes. It’s a small power saw which features a large round blade that spins at a high rate of speed and can cut through thick wood with ease. This portable power saw features adjustments for height, bezel, and angle — making it a most versatile power saw indeed.Circular Saw Reviews

Generally, this power saw is used to cut thick pieces of lumber — or boards — into more manageable, smaller pieces. This is a relatively small power saw, so its utility can be somewhat varied. As with all small power saws, it’s important to use caution when working with such an open, portable blade.

The Jigsaw

Another popular power saw, and certainly one to have around the house at all times, this small power saw is defined by its thin blade (similar to the blade seen in another small power saw). It’s a portable power saw that looks much like a sewing machine. JigSaw ReviewsThis small power saw is portable, electric-powered, and versatile in many common home applications.

The thin blade on this small power saw allows it to engage in the same kind of decorative work as the band saw; as a portable power saw, it is much more versatile and able to make intricate cuts in all sorts of shapes that a table-mounted power saw can’t. It’s also frequently used for cutting holes into counter-tops, sinks, bathtubs, and floors. This small power saw has a long, thin blade; it allows this small power saw to cut a precise shape through the entirety of a thick surface.

The Miter Saw

This is no small power saw. This saw can be thought of as the more stationary power saw cousin of the circular saw, defined by its round blade and ability to be lined up at an angle. It is a somewhat portable power saw, but requires a table surface on which to sit.Miter Saw Reviews

The miter portable power saw is most often used to cut through pieces of trim at an angle, thus creating matching parts that assemble beautifully on finished walls. Because this portable power saw is so precise, it means each piece of trim is cut at a matching angle every time.

The Table Saw

Perhaps the biggest saw of the bunch, this power saw is a stationary saw that uses a round blade and can perform a variety of common cuts, including those which are typically done with other saws. This is no small power saw, typically requiring a room of its own.Table Saw Reviews

Table saws are not a portable power saw, but they are versatile — able to do crosscuts and rip cutting as well as miter cuts — angled cuts for pieces of trip — which are more typically thought of as the domain of the miter power saw (thus the name).

The Wet Tile Saw

Defined by its large cutting surface, in addition to its use of water when cutting, this power saw combines the power of an portable power saw with the enhanced protection offered by running water over the tile. That means this portable power saw can make smooth cuts without breaking the tile or sending pieces of tile flying across the room. Of course, users of a wet tile Wet Tile Saw Reviewsportable power saw should always exercise caution when mixing water and electricity.

Typically, this portable power saw is used to trim down tile when assembling a tile floor or wall — such as those seen in bathrooms. The truly advanced user can even use the wet tile saw to to cut shapes into, and out of, pieces of tile.

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